ordinary lifestyle: Series


inspired by @thelittleduckwife

Mary Kate Robertson, who runs the blog site @mylittleduckwife said, “I’m working on keeping an eye out for the beautiful things, but also working on making them happen as well.

Craft it up with your close buds, enjoy the little things in life: the weather, animals, the world around you, etc.

Episode one: Me myself, & Lylabug 

wake up around 7-7:30// take Lyla (my dog) outside, make sure she has food and water [between those two things I usually brush my teeth and begin making coffee] — not in that order.

I should mention that when I begin to do something, my multitasking skills automatically kick in, which causes me to do like at least 2-3 things at one time (i have not decided if this is a good quality or bad quality). 

I either have class or I go to Shoals Hospital for my internship around 8-9:30 Monday thru Thursday and then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are my chill mornings with Lyla or I use them to finish up some work from the week.

In the afternoons, I work at Longhorn — where I am a server. Throughout the day I interview individuals for my articles, blogs, or media projects and in the evenings, I talk to my tables as a server. I spend my whole entire day talking to many different types of people. This is my favorite routine of my ordinary life: speaking with different people everywhere I go, listening to their different perspectives, and finding the unique beauty in the simplest parts of humanity.

At nights around 10-11, I get to go home to my sweet Lylabug to decompose for the day. If dogs could talk or write, Lyla would probably have enough stories to write a whole novel on the people that I speak to each and every day.

Stick with mesijesi.wordpress for a month long series of Ordinary Life, featuring: Ali Staudt, Chad Hampton, Demetrius Baker, KellyGrace Johnston, Danny Franks and many more. ❤



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